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  • Mason Lock Box® {EZ948}

    Mason Lock Box® {EZ948}

    Mason Lock Box! Finally a lock box big enough for today's keys and remotes! Unlike other lock boxes, the Mason Lock Box ® guarantees that your keys and remotes will fit with ease. Made of durable powder coated zinc alloy these lock boxes are...

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  • Mason Lock Box Key Only {EZ948-BOXKEY}

    Mason Lock Box Key Only {EZ948-BOXKEY}

    Key for the Mason Lock Box®.Keys are sold individually. If this is a re-order please enter your unique key code above the Quantity field. For new orders a unique key code will be selected from over 50,000 codes based on your location. Mason Lock...

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  • Smart Key Pouch {EZ951}

    Smart Key Pouch {EZ951}

    Finally a way to use your Lock Box with any Smart Key! Simply add the Smart Key to our Smart Key Pouch. The Copper and Nickel material, along with the conductive hook & loop closure block the Smart Key signal, so it won't unlock the car while in the...

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