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Badge Release Program


What is a release program?
A pre-paid bulk order where the entire order is manufactured (minus the personalization) and held at our location until they are needed by the customer. Badge release requests can be made for as low as one badge at a time.



Here's how it works:
Let’s say you currently have 50 employees requiring name badges and you expect to need an additional 50 over the course of the year. Pre-pay for 100 badges plus release fees now and we will personalize and ship the 50 you need now. The extra 50 badges without personalization and will be held for future use. When you hire a new employee or if someone should lose their name badge, you simply log on to our website and order the name badges you need at that time. The website will always have your current stock level. Once we receive your order we will add the personalization and shipped via US Mail within 2-3 working days.

Examples of savings

Savings with the Required Minimum of 25:

Purchasing 25 badges individually: Badge $12.95 + Shipping $3 = Total $15.95 each x 25 = $398.75
Release Program 25 Badges: Badge $8.95 + Release Fee $2 = Total $10.95 each x 25 = $273.75
Savings $125.00


Savings with an order of 100:

Purchasing 100 badges individually: Badge $12.95 + Shipping $3 = Total $15.95 each x 100 = $1595.00
Release Program 100 Badges: Badge $7.40 + Release Fee $2 = Total $9.40 each x 100 = $940.00
Savings $655.00



  • Lower Cost
  • Faster Turn Around
  • No Credit Card Required
  • No small bills to pay
  • Automated Order Conformation
  • Automated Tracking